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JetX: The Newest Online Game Taking the Gaming World by Storm

by GamerPro

Are you looking for an adventure that will take you on a journey of luck and potential wealth? Take the plunge with JetX, the new online sensation popular among gamblers! You never know what kind of treasures await – piles upon piles of cash could be yours if Lady Luck smiles down upon your game. But don’t worry too much about chance! You can maximize your winnings by following some savvy tactics or pointers. Who knew gambling could be so profitable?!


JetX game - how to play and win

JetX is a new online game from SmartSoft Gaming that has taken the internet by storm. Unlike other games, it has no limit on how much money you make, which might appeal to gamblers. While it is risky and dependent on luck, specific tactics and pointers might help you win a lot of money. Let’s have a look at the game right now.

How to play JetX in demo or for money

What is JetX?

JetX is fast-paced and action-packed, with plenty of strategic play opportunities. JetX will give you a competitive gaming experience, whether playing for money or practising in a demo mode.

JetX stands out from other online games because of its unique setting. Developed by SmartSoft Gaming, JetX is an arcade-styled slot game. After being introduced on Cbet, it has been expanded to other casinos, including Casinozer and Bitcasino. 

The JetX online casino game simulates the flight of a jet until it crashes. If it keeps flying and rising higher, the multiplier attached to it will keep increasing. Rounds end when the plane crashes.  

That’s right, JetX belongs to the class of aviator crash games. This retro game is retro style, reminding you of classic 80s games played on Atari. A random number generator (RNG) is used to generate the graphic interface for this game. Aside from its seemingly simple visuals, JetX is a truly immersive gaming experience with some genuinely spectacular visuals.

Strategies to win JetX

How to Play JetX

Ready to get lucky with JetX? Place your bets on the outcomes and numbers of a game, or just let fate decide. There are plenty of potential winnings up for grabs if luck is in your favor – so cross those fingers tightly!

JetX allows you to predict which multiplier the plane will crash at by placing a bet on each round. In general, the longer the plane flies, the higher the multiplier. Depending on the round, you can wager as little as €0.10 or as much as €300. 

There is no limit to how far it can fall, even at a multiplier of 1.00 (range 1 to infinity). Players try to cash out during the game before a jet plane goes up in flames. When it crashes, you will lose your bet.

Are you a gambler willing to take chances and obtain these high multipliers, or will you play it safe and cash out early? A game round involves hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously betting on the same plane. 

Gamer after game cashes out during the round so that their decisions will affect your game outcome.

Unique gameplay of JetX is very addictive

How to Manage Multipliers in JetX

Do you like to live on the edge? Test your nerve with JetX, where you can bet anything from €0.10 up to a daring €300 per round and attempt to predict how far that plane will fly before it crashes – metaphorically speaking, of course! 

With multipliers ranging between 1-infinity, there’s always the chance for big winnings, but watch out; as soon as it goes down in flames (crashes), those bets are lost forever. Will luck be on your side, or do other players’ wagers have an effect? Are you ready to roll the dice and face this thrilling challenge?

Fancy an adventurous money-making ride? Look no further than auto-withdraw mode! Set your goal multiplier from a high of 20 to a mid-30, and get ready for the wildest trip of cashing out. Sure, you may lose it all if the plane crashes before reaching those heights – but that’s just part of the thrill, right?

The Best Strategy to Play JetX

Too impatient to wait for the JetX plane to crash? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Follow our guide and use an auto-withdraw feature – that way, it won’t be a total loss if things don’t go your way! 

However, no one can predict when or where the aeroplane will land, so playing is still a gamble. This is especially true with JetX since the game is built on a Random Number Generator (RNG). JetX is a game that relies heavily on luck, which explains why no JetX strategy guarantees you will win every round. 

Simple Strategy to Win JetX

Simple Strategy to Win JetX: Betting Big on Low Multipliers

JetX effectively reduces risk while increasing winnings – drop a large stake on a low multiplier and place smaller bets simultaneously. They call it the “Big-Little” bet, so get ready for your big payouts! 

The balance will stay steady, as you’re not wagering too much each round. However, who said anything about small gains?! Try out The Big-Little Bet today and revamp your wins catastrophically!

If you’re daring, why not take a chance with JetX? Their low multiplier of x1.35 means that if Lady Luck’s on your side, you can cash out big! Just remember – don’t push your luck too hard and withdraw when the going is good; nobody likes an over-played hand…unless it wins BIG!

Dangerous Technique to Win JetX: Martingale

We will also show you a technique that is well known by many casino players, but also one that can be very dangerous. With the Martingale strategy, you start with a small bet and double it when you lose. Betted €1, lost, bet €2, lost, bet €4, lost, bet €8, won. Your last round won you €16 after placing a total of €15 in bets. This is a profit of €1.

This technique can be hazardous if you don’t have a big bankroll. Let’s see why.

The first reason is that most casinos make it clear in their terms and conditions that it is forbidden. In the case of an unlucky run, you might end up bankrupt if you adopt this play style.

Unique Feature of JetX: 3-Level Jackpot

The sky’s the limit with JetX! Race across three unique levels – Planet, Galaxy and Space – to unlock epic jackpots. Even if you’re flying solo on a max low-stakes voyage, this game is ready to reward those who dare go where few have before. 

So get your engines revved up and enjoy the cosmic ride of a lifetime for your chance at galactic riches today!

Gameplay jetx

Where to Play JetX: Best Online Casinos


Known as one of the best online casinos, this online gaming destination has been around for quite some time. In addition to JetX, they offer a wide range of games. The casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao eGaming. 


PlayZax would also be an excellent choice for playing JetX. You can get as much as $1500 in bonus money and 150 free spins at this casino. Curacao eGaming has also approved it for licensing. 

Cazinozer Casino

Another popular online casino is Cazinozer, which offers the JetX rocket game among its offerings. New players at Cazinozer can get up to $2000 in Welcome Bonuses and 200 Free Spins on their first deposit.

Final Thoughts

JetX is one of the newest and most popular online games available today. If you’re looking for an immersive and action-packed gaming experience, JetX is the game for you! With its unique setting and easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics, JetX will give you hours upon hours of entertainment. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the millions of people already playing JetX and see if you have what it takes to come out victorious!

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