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How to play Gates Of Olympus

by GamerPro

The game Gates Of Olympus is a little trip to Mount Olympus, you can fully immerse yourself in this atmosphere and earn money. To enter the house of the gods you need to collect the right combination during the game. The game completely immerses you in this world, purple sky, colorful images – all this can be found in the game Gates Of Olympus.

Zeus himself at the entrance is dressed in white robes with gold bracelets. Looking at his face, you can see the anger, which suggests that for successful games you will have to try hard. In the background you will hear pleasant music reminiscent of ancient Greece.

Gates Of Olympus

To start the game you need to understand the gameplay. The slot has six reels with five symbols. The amount of winnings depends on luck, and to be more specific – on the falling out of the symbols. The more similar – the bigger the prize. After each spin, a cascading option is activated. It occurs immediately after the accrual of payments. Winning symbols disappear, and the rest go down. New symbols will appear in place of the disappeared ones, the number of such cascades is determined by the player.

During the game, users will fall out different bright symbols, so the rounds will be even more interesting. Each symbol is depicted in its own way, they have their own value and picture. In the description of the game you can read in detail about each symbol and read about its importance.

During the game there are several winning combinations:

  • normal: when the user has five simple symbols with brightly colored drawings, you can get up to 100 coins for them. But the number of coins depends on the bet size;
  • rare: the game has unique symbols and if they fall to you, the winnings will be increased. At the maximum bet you can raise up to 5,000 coins;
  • Bonus: there are five symbols with bonuses in the game. To collect them you need to accumulate from 8 to 30 identical images on one line.

There are also free bonuses built into the app. Each has its own image and musical accompaniment. Such nice features give motivation to players and the opportunity to increase their earnings.

Gates Of Olympus winning combinations

Let’s break down the available bonuses:

  • each user can get the opportunity of a free rotation. The bonus opens on a roll of four special symbols, they can be distinguished by the picture of Zeus. The user will get 15 freespins, at the expense of them the amount of winnings will be increased;
  • when a winning combination occurs, the winning symbols disappear and new ones appear in their place. The process will continue until the combinations are over;
  • additionally it is possible to knock out the multiplier symbol. It falls randomly on any reels. Bonus allows to increase the amount of winnings up to 500 times;
  • also any player can get an ante bet. It gives the opportunity to increase the amount of winnings up to 25%.
How to play Gates Of Olympus

When it comes to winning tactics sold on the Internet, you don’t have to fall for these tricks. The symbols are random. You can not predict what combination you will fall out. Developers are advised to start the game with small bets to develop their own system and to gradually increase the amount. No need to look for any proven schemes – there are none.

Thus, the developers of the game Gates Of Olympus gave users the opportunity to try their hand and be transported to the time of the Gods of Olympus. Various free bonuses fuel interest in the game and there is a good chance to increase the amount in your purse.

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