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Spaceman – How to Play & Win This New Hit Casino Game

by GamerPro

If you’ve ever stepped into an online casino and wondered which games are worth playing, there’s a good chance you’ve come across Spaceman. This game has been around for a few months but is becoming more popular daily. For players looking to try out something new at the casino, Spaceman is definitely worth considering! Read on to learn more about this exciting game and why it might be the perfect choice for your next night out. 


Play Spaceman online casino game - crash game slots

Exploring the Thrills and Spills of Spaceman Crash Game

Are you looking for something a little different from the standard slots? If yes, you’ve probably already come across the concept of crash games. However, before Pragmatic Play came along, such games had a mediocre reputation. But now that Spaceman is here, exploring the thrills and spills of crash games has become an exciting adventure for female players worldwide. 

Upon opening the game, players are welcomed by a spaceman blasting onto the screen. The game panel shows a sky full of stars and planets with this spaceman in the middle. Players then have to place their bets while he stands around. Once they do so, he blasts off during the game round. 

Spaceman gameplay

Another great thing about this game is that you don’t have to explore space alone – unlike other games, you are accompanied by rockets during your adventure. Rockets fly up and down on each side of your screen while playing the Spaceman crash game. As they fly past, they can either add or take away from your current bet amount, depending on which rocket you hit when it passes by. 

What Makes Spaceman Casino Game Unique

Spaceman from Pragmatic Play could be the perfect casino game for those looking to experience something new and exciting in 2022 and beyond. Unfamiliar gameplay favours a unique approach, with floating astronauts soaring high in the air before their final descent to the ground. 

Cash prizes always remain an attractive proposition, regardless of whatever exciting opportunity Spaceman presents, and have the potential to be large – if you get lucky enough and hit that top spot, you could rake in as much as x5000! So why not risk it all? With Spaceman, even a beginner can win big!

What Makes Spaceman Casino Game Unique

The Secret to Crash Games Popularity

Unlike giving control to the roulette wheel or card dec, crash games give the player back some sense of control. Spaceman is a unique casino game where players aim to maximize as many winnings as possible in the least amount of time. The game is fast-paced, with players given the ability to control when it ends. They can cash out and reap their rewards when they feel they’ve hit the ideal score. 

The key to success lies in finding the right balance between collecting large potential payouts and knowing when stopping is the best move before your “crash.” This requires careful tactical decision-making on the part of each player, making Spaceman an exciting and engaging game for gamblers of all levels.

What is So Exciting About Spaceman Casino Game

The goal of Spaceman is to make it as far into space as possible without crashing back down to Earth – if you manage to do so successfully, you will be rewarded with win multipliers that can go as high as x60 (but don’t worry if you don’t make it that far – any success in space will still reward you with some hefty winnings). 

For example, if your initial bet was €25 and you managed to reach x30 multiplier, your total win would be €750!  

Are you looking for an exciting and unique online gaming experience? Look no further than the new Spaceman game! This isn’t your traditional crash game. It offers a new range of features that will keep you entertained. Let’s take a closer look at how this new game works.

What is So Exciting About Spaceman Casino Game

How to Play Spaceman 

Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman is an innovative take on traditional crash games. It offers players worldwide an exciting new way to explore space while enjoying great rewards along the way.  

The first step in playing Spaceman is setting your wager and confirming your bet. After this, you will be ready to enter the next game round. The game begins with a spaceman blasting off from the ground, accompanied by an ever-increasing multiplier. This multiplier keeps increasing until it either reaches the win cap or crashes. 

When the round begins, two buttons will appear—Cashout and Cashout 50%. These buttons will display values that increase as you play. If you press one of these buttons before the Spaceman crashes, then you receive the prize money displayed on that button at the time of pressing. If you press Cashout, you are entirely out of the game, while Cashout 50% allows you to withdraw half your wins and stay in with the other half. 

The excitement really builds as you see your multiplier increase with each passing second! With its unique gameplay and fun design, Spaceman is sure to be a hit with gamers of all levels. 

Who said online gaming has to be boring? With its innovative gameplay and thrilling design, Spaceman is unlike any other crash game out there – perfect for anyone who wants an exciting gaming experience! So why give it a try today? With its easy controls and high rewards, it’s sure to get your heart racing—and maybe even put some extra cash in your pocket too! 

How to Play Spaceman 

Winning Tactic for Spaceman

A trick to this game is holding off pressing the button for as long as possible to build up a larger reward before you crash out. There is no real art to this game; it is just a game of luck based on the randomness of the draw. 

There are many situations in which auto cash-out options might be helpful, and this is one of them. These settings prevent players from having to press the Cashout button to cash out their winnings. To accomplish this, preset levels help you get all the cashout points.

Some crash users try to devise mathematical systems to outwit the casino – forums are flooded with these aspiring gamers. However, there’s a word of wisdom. 

Professional mathematicians designed Spaceman with an edge built-in, so good luck to anyone attempting this route. 

Here’s an extreme, for instance. You’ll collect on many game rounds if you set the auto cash out to 1.01x the bet. The problem is it only takes one dead round to wipe out a substantial number of wins. In an attempt to overcome the cold steel of math, finding the sweet spot between win frequency and value can be fun.

Final Thoughts: The Exciting and Unique Spaceman Gameplay

Spaceman offers an interactive experience with exciting visuals and unique bonus opportunities depending on where you play it. Spaceman is a real thrill ride of a game. It takes the classic slot experience and transforms it into something completely new and different, creating an enthralling adventure into outer space filled with hefty cash rewards. 

Whether you’re a fan of slots or not, Spaceman online casino game brings something unique to the table, thanks to its different concept compared to most standard slot games. And best of all, Spaceman online game for money offers gamers the chance to win up to 5,000x their wager – making for an out-of-this-world gaming session!


Can you tell me how volatile Spaceman is?

The volatility of Spaceman is determined by when you choose to cash out. Depending on how frequent your small wins are, you can cash out low or high based on how frequent your higher wins are.

Does Spaceman have a multiplayer component?

Yes, it does, but one thing is essential. Conversing with other players and playing simultaneously will not affect the gameplay or your returns.

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